Gallery of ENL Graphs and Figures

Below is a complete list of the graphs and figures used in ENL, all of which were created by Frank Rotering. They are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License and are reproduced here with the permission of the author.

File nameFile typeSize
Budget limits and ecological limit.pngPNG image data33.34 kBInfo
Closed economy.pngPNG image data19.09 kBInfo
Combining the value and cost curves.pngPNG image data42.94 kBInfo
Consumption and distribution efficiencies.pngPNG image data32.7 kBInfo
Crowding.pngPNG image data46.1 kBInfo
Crowding (Production).pngPNG image data24.02 kBInfo
Curtailment of an unsanctioned want.pngPNG image data30.15 kBInfo
Decreases in EU oil use - oil depletion protocol.pngPNG image data40.95 kBInfo
Detailed PHI model.pngPNG image data46.69 kBInfo
Development of contractionary economics.pngPNG image data41.72 kBInfo
Ecological efficiencies.pngPNG image data36.97 kBInfo
Ecological efficiency and share-budget limits.pngPNG image data38.14 kBInfo
Economic effects of rising labor productivity.pngPNG image data27.87 kBInfo
Economic process.pngPNG image data30.65 kBInfo
Economic Process.pngPNG image data42.18 kBInfo
Economy's scale.pngPNG image data37.59 kBInfo
Effects of value and cost.pngPNG image data29.29 kBInfo
Effectual value.pngPNG image data30.94 kBInfo
ENL Economic Abstraction.pngPNG image data43.4 kBInfo
Environmental budgets and budget shares.pngPNG image data42.23 kBInfo
Four approaches to overshoot.pngPNG image data103.22 kBInfo
General PHI model.pngPNG image data29.89 kBInfo
Health Unit.pngPNG image data22.61 kBInfo
Human efficiencies.pngPNG image data36.59 kBInfo
Impact sustainability and overshoot.pngPNG image data43.84 kBInfo
Increased labor productivity - ENL.pngPNG image data37.27 kBInfo
Increased labor productivity - standard economics.pngPNG image data25.08 kBInfo
Indifference curve.pngPNG image data44.77 kBInfo
Irrational outputs.pngPNG image data37.4 kBInfo
Justified inequality.pngPNG image data20.14 kBInfo
Key attributes of natural flows.pngPNG image data33.22 kBInfo
Labor cost.pngPNG image data36.07 kBInfo
Labor cost vs technological intensity.pngPNG image data28.68 kBInfo
Long-run optimization.pngPNG image data32.85 kBInfo
Maldistribution of labor.pngPNG image data27.02 kBInfo
Maldistribution of wastes.pngPNG image data27.16 kBInfo
Maldistribution.pngPNG image data37.72 kBInfo
Minimizing negated gains.pngPNG image data29.45 kBInfo
Natural cost.pngPNG image data27.29 kBInfo
Natural flow rate pattern - rich country.pngPNG image data37.99 kBInfo
Needs and wants.pngPNG image data37.11 kBInfo
New unrealized gains.pngPNG image data39.75 kBInfo
Non-zero input cost.pngPNG image data30.41 kBInfo
Open economy.pngPNG image data28.92 kBInfo
Opportunity cost and real cost.pngPNG image data39.04 kBInfo
Optimizing an economy's scale.pngPNG image data39.25 kBInfo
Optimum population.pngPNG image data33.64 kBInfo
Optimum production.pngPNG image data31.33 kBInfo
Output life cycle in relation to value and cost.pngPNG image data53.43 kBInfo
Output life cycle.pngPNG image data37.43 kBInfo
Output losses and satiation.pngPNG image data54.91 kBInfo
Overproduction.pngPNG image data30.63 kBInfo
Overshoot concepts.pngPNG image data53.73 kBInfo
Perfect equality.pngPNG image data17.54 kBInfo
Population's ecological limit.pngPNG image data35.96 kBInfo
Potential Value.pngPNG image data40.25 kBInfo
Productivity is at the optimum level.pngPNG image data31.43 kBInfo
Productivity is too low for production.pngPNG image data21.12 kBInfo
Ranking two production facilities.pngPNG image data41.38 kBInfo
Rationale for trade.pngPNG image data35.05 kBInfo
Resource limit and impact limit.pngPNG image data30.54 kBInfo
Reversing impact overshoot.pngPNG image data29.57 kBInfo
Reversing overshoot - existing ENL tools.pngPNG image data32.38 kBInfo
Sacrifices in coercive trade.pngPNG image data38.5 kBInfo
Satiation.pngPNG image data36.05 kBInfo
Share limits and the ecological limit.pngPNG image data30.18 kBInfo
Skill vs automation.pngPNG image data23.67 kBInfo
Target population is the ecological limit.pngPNG image data26.19 kBInfo
Target population is the optimum level.pngPNG image data26.65 kBInfo
Target quantity is the ecological limit.pngPNG image data33.78 kBInfo
Target quantity is the optimum quantity.pngPNG image data33.08 kBInfo
Target rates for natural flows.pngPNG image data29.83 kBInfo
Underproduction.pngPNG image data31.71 kBInfo
Unjustifiable inequality.pngPNG image data18.99 kBInfo
What to do with potatoes.pngPNG image data26.34 kBInfo
Where to get potatoes.pngPNG image data23.84 kBInfo
Worker participation rate.pngPNG image data23.12 kBInfo
Zero input cost.pngPNG image data31.77 kBInfo
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